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Regulations and Energy Efficient Standards

To make sure all home appliances improve their energy usage, conserve on fuel and electricity and lower costs for the homeowner, the National Appliance Conservation Energy Act, from time to time, establishes new standards that require increased energy efficiency.

Starting in 2015, all tankless water heaters sold in the United States must meet new energy efficiency standards. The regulations apply to all residential gas and electric water heaters.

The new regulations were approved by Congress as part of the National Appliance Conservation Energy Act. This translates into real change for you and the industry.

These regulations are based on EF or, in other words, Energy Factor which is determined by the overall water heating efficiency which is measured by the amount of energy that goes to your water heater from the power source that is used to heat water. The more the Energy Factor is, the more efficient your heater uses the power to heat water, making for more savings. For example, if your tankless water heater has a rating of .90, it means 90 percent of the energy from your power source is used to heat water.

The act took effect in mid-April of 2015 and it requires a three to thirty percent improvement in efficiency over earlier models. It all depends on tank size, the bigger the tank, the more efficient it needs to be. The differences are small, but since so many homes now in the Los Angeles area have installed tankless water heaters, the changes in can mean a significant amount of savings and it’s better for the environment. If your tankless water heater is more than 82 percent efficient, don’t worry, you already meet the requirements.

For more information on how we can help you save money with a tankless water heater installation in Studio City, please call or email us today to find out more about the several brands and options we offer.

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