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Service & Repair

How to replace a pipe on a water filter

Clean Water San Fernando Valley

Water Filtration Service & Repair Los Angeles

If your water filtration system is on the fritz, do not put off clean water for you, your family, or your business any longer! Unfortunately, it’s a known fact that the Los Angeles water quality is sub-par. There are over 30 toxic contaminants in Los Angeles’ public water supply, including dissolved pills and cancer-causing agents. Tankless Water Heater USA is proud to service most major brands of water filtration systems, and is happy to provide full sanitizations for your water filter, in addition to replacing any worn tubing, clamps, hoses, or filters to ensure that your water filter is running at the absolute maximum efficiency. Our trained technicians have a plethora of experience in the water filter industry, familiar with all the proper repair and maintenance techniques required to replace worn filters, hoses, clamps, or tubing along the way. In addition to providing the service and repair of water filter systems, we also have a range of preventative maintenance services that can be implemented, including: water hardness level inspection, check for salt softener or salt bridging, sanitization, water flow inspection, test water for particulates,  and regeneration frequency adjustments. When you use Tankless Water Heater USA, sleep easy knowing your water filter is getting some of the best attention in the industry. We will have your water filter running like brand new again in no time at all!

TIps on installing a water filtration system

Water Filtration Fixed in Los Angeles

Tankless Water Heater USA is an insured, licensed and bonded company specializing in residential and commercial plumbing services, including the repair and installation of water filter systems, both point-of-use and point-of-entry, in addition to our tankless water heater services . With over 25 years of experience in the tankless water heater, water filtration and plumbing businesses, our team of technicians and professionals are all well-trained, having gone through many years of study and complex testing in order to be able to utilize the high-tech equipment used in modern plumbing today. If you are having trouble with your water filter or tankless water heater, do not hesitate to call us immediately. Our professionals are ready and waiting to provide you with the quality service we’ve become so well-known for. Use Tankless Water Heater USA for all of your water filtration service and repair needs today!

Methods of Water Purification

Although most homes utilize the <b>mechanical or membrane filtration</b> method of water filtration, there are many different ways to purify water.

  • Sand Filtration: commonly used for treating large bodies of water, water is filtered by passing through coarse sand, which traps particulates and contaminates. Since this usually isn’t enough to fully purify the water, the top layer of the sand filter is usually equipped with a layer of activated carbon or anthracite coal to provide additional means purification. Biological treatments can also be used to remove any further impurities.
  • Membrane Filtration: membrane filtration is the most common form of water filtration in the industry, and is used for domestic water filtration in your home as well as beverage preparation (this includes bottled water) and sewage treatment. Membrane filtration is versatile in its ease of use and affordability, however is incapable of filtering any dissolved particulates such as heavy metal ions, nitrates, and phosphorous.
  • Ion Removal: as mentioned above, not all harmful particulates can be removed by means of membrane filtration alone. Because of this, various methods of ion removal, including ion exchange, softening, electrodeionization, and ultrafiltration membranes are commonly used in water filters across the world to remove harmful chemicals and byproducts, such as mercury, arsenic, and lead.
  • Disinfection: often used in conjunction with membrane filtration, disinfectant chemicals are added to water to kill pathogens, as well as provide a residual effect on the water storage container, maintaining active disinfecting agents until sometime after the initial treatment. Although there are many types of disinfection methods, some of the most common are chlorine disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, and ozone disinfection.

Water Filter Products & Services

Who to call to fix a water filter

Water Filter Systems maintenance and repair

We provide service and products for some of the best brand names in the water filtration market. We offer:

  • Puroserve
  • Aqua Pure
  • Water Inc
  • Nuvoh2o
  • Life Source
  • Environmental Water System
  • Body Glove

Service Area

Tankless Water Heater USA proudly provides service to the following neighborhoods throughout the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley region:

  • Studio City
  • Van Nuys
  • Valley Village
  • Sherman Oaks
  • North Hollywood
  • Burbank
  • …and more!

Need to speak with a Tankless Water Heater USA representative ASAP for an emergency or free estimate on our services? Call 818-787-4777 today! For the best water filtration service & repair in all of Los Angeles, choose Tankless Water Heater USA. We cannot wait to start working with you!

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