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Important Improvements in Newer Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have always been what the homeowner desires. First of all, they offer an endless supply of hot water, which means no more cold showers! They also feature a compact size and give you hot water only when you need it. In addition, they are known to save lots of energy and quite a bit of storage space. Manufacturers are gaining newer technology and better features/benefits to these systems daily.

Improved design in tankless water heaters make switching easier than ever!

The improved design of the newer units now makes the process of switching from a conventional tanked unit to a tankless one easier than ever. Noritz is one of the company’s that has changed its design. Their modern design now features input and output waterlines at the top of each unit, instead of at the bottom. This is beneficial because it mirrors the location of the lines on tanked units, which simplifies the retrofit. Another feature is a flexible exhaust pipe with a proprietary adaptor that allows the tankless water heater to be connected to existing ductwork more easily than standard PVC piping. In addition, some of the newer tankless water heaters are compatible with existing 1/2-inch gas lines. This has been an issue in the past, so this new change will make retrofit installations easier and less expensive

Issues some people have with older models is inconsistent water temperatures. By including a buffer tank that stores a ready supply of hot water, there will be more consistent temperatures in these newer models. No more unexpected cold-hot water shock!

Lastly, isolation valves are included in some newer models, such as Rinnani, to help make routine maintenance on the unit easier. To sum things up, investing in a newer version of a tankless water heater could definitely be worth your investment!

If you’re looking to have a new water heater installed in your Los Angeles residential or commercial property, call Tankless Water Heaters today for the best product & installation prices around!

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