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Jerald, from Residential Water Supply Date: Mar. 3, 2015

“We tell all our customers to only invest in tankless water heater products if they want the best hot water experience. Once we show them how much space it saves, the efficiency, and the lifespan, their decisions are usually unanimous.”

Danny, from IT Solutions Date: Mar. 3, 2015

“I quadrupled the lifespan of my old tank water heater by replacing it and investing in a tankless water heater. I’ve never been happier with a utility!”

Annie, from Greendayle Date: Mar. 3, 2015

“I didn’t think that changing my water heater would have a big impact on my quality of life—boy howdy, am I glad I was wrong. I have so much space now that I have a tankless water heater, and I’m saving money on my electric bill!”

Greg, from iNtero Date: Mar. 3, 2015

“Tankless Water Heater USA completely changed my in home water system. With a wife and three daughters, I have a large family, and we have 3 bathrooms in our house. We used to only be able to run one shower with hot water, but with our new tankless water heater we can run all 3!”

Ashley, Satisfied Tankless Water Heater Installation Customer Date: Jan. 1, 1970

“I am definitely the kind of person who likes to stay in tune with the most recent technologies available, and I find this to be especially important when the technology also involves being earth smart. I believe that people who advance their technologies, with the resources of the earth in their mind, are definitely people I want to invest my money in. Among the typical and better known energy saving technologies available would be solar panels, greenhouses, and a few different watering systems. I’ve stayed pretty in tune with these and have updated them as the technologies change. However, there was one little piece of advanced home products that I had been unknowingly skipping over. This would be the tankless water heater, and I was very excited to learn more about this product.

I did my research and learned about how they work first. Instead of some huge gallon water tank in a closet, I could have this convenient little box that heated up water as it passed through. This meant that I would no longer waste energy by keeping the large tanks heated throughout the day. Instead, I would only use the electricity or gas necessary to heat up what I need for each use. I loved this idea, and worked with Tankless Water Heater USA to get it all installed throughout my home. Even though I did my research, I wasn’t sure how the water heater installation was going to go down.

Luckily, there was not a big episode of knocking holes in my walls and replacing pipes. The installation was easy and did not take long at all. The guys at my house doing the work were just as kind and amazing and the customer service and sales experts that I signed the contract with. Now that I have had these little on-demand water heaters for a few days, I just wanted to brag about how nice it is to never run out of hot water.”

Service Area

Tankless Water Heater USA proudly services the following areas in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. :

  • Studio City
  • North Hollywood
  • Van Nuys
  • Valley Village
  • Burbank
  • Sherman Oaks
  • …and more!
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