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Whole House Water Filtration System Installation

How to filter tap water in California

San Fernando Valley water filter installation

When you’re living in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, installing a water filtration system in your home or business is not only a great investment, but among one of the best quality of life decisions you can make for yourself. Thanks to modern science and a top-notch team of technicians, Tankless Water Heater USA is proud to offer whole house water filtration system installation at reasonable and affordable rates that you are not going to believe. Using a water filter system for any commercial or residential need ensures the water that you, your family, or your employees are drinking is fresh, clean and clear, free of harmful additives and byproducts. Imagine an endless supply of clean spring water, filtered and purified to perfection before even reaching your faucet—that’s the kind of quality you get when you choose to use Tankless Water Heater USA for all your whole house water filter solutions!

For many years, Tankless Water Heater USA has been offering water filter installation services to clients all across the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Tankless Water Heater USA is a licensed, insured, and bonded company that specializes in residential and commercial tankless water heaters as well as water filtration services. Our teams of technicians are all professionally trained and certified plumbers with many years of experience in the industry, and have undergone many hours of rigorous study and training to be capable of handling the latest tools and technologies of the modern plumbing industry. Do not leave your plumbing in the hands of amateurs! Use Tankless Water Heater USA for any water heater or water filter need.

Types of Water Filters

Tips on getting clean filtered water

Water Filter Systems in Los Angeles

Installing a water system has become absolutely necessary in today’s day and age, living in Los Angeles. Ranked at amongst the lowest water quality in America at 83rd, there should be no excuse why you shouldn’t be using a water filter. Contaminated with over 30 cancer-causing and toxic chemicals, it’s easy to understand why it is in your best interest to invest in a high quality water filtration system today. There are three popular types of filtration systems used in homes and businesses today, including:

  • Point-of-use water filters:
    probably the most prolific of all the water filter systems, point-of-use water filters can sit under your kitchen sink, on top of your counter, or even attach to your faucet as a fixture. These kinds of water filters are meant to produce clean water (usually for drinking) in small amounts, and can utilize a wide range of filtration methods, including: activated carbon filters, reverse-osmosis, distillers, ion exchange and basic filter systems.
  • Point-of-entry water filters:
    commonly referred to as “Whole House Water Filters”, point of entry systems are used to treat an entire building’s water supply. Usually installed where the water line first enters the home (usually this is somewhere in the garage) and are meant to deliver purified hot and cold water to every tap in your building, these filtration systems make an excellent choice for your entire home or office.
  • Cartridge filter:
    although not actually an entire system in of itself, many point-of-use as well as point-of-entry water filters use replaceable filter cartridges that must be changed every so often in order to maintain the purity and clarity of your water supply. These cartridges will vary in anything from materials, to price and size depending on your brand of water filter.

How To Install Water Filtration Systems

When should I change a water filter

Installed water filtering systems

After you have done your research on the water filtration system you would like to use and have made a purchase with one of our experts on our Tankless Water Heater USA 24-hour service telephone line, our technicians will follow these steps to install your brand new whole-house water filtration system:

  • Shut off water supply:
    first drain any water remaining in the water pipes by opening the sillcock.
  • Build set-ups:
    two set-ups will need to built using a bushing, nipple, ball valve and a male compression adaptor.
  • Screw fittings:
    screw fittings into each outlet on the filter head. Tankless Water Heater USA recommends wrapping Teflon tape around the bushings before proceeding.
  • Remove filter’s bottom canister:
    a necessary step before attempting to cut pipes.
  • Cut pipe:
    avoid any wiring and check with your electrician before cutting any pipes.
  • Position the T:
    copper T and two pipe stubs should be prepped and cleaned before being soldered.
  • Complete bypass loop:
    attach the ball valve to the stub pipe, flux the cut section of the pipe, and insert the ball valve.
  • Mark installation points:
    your filter head should inform you as to where the installation points should be. Leave roughly a half inch of space to accommodate pipe’s entry into bushing.
  • Slide assembly into place:
    before turning on the main water valve again, slide compression nuts onto each end of the stub pipe and tighten.
  • Remove filter and O-ring:
    check for any damage once these components have been removed and replace them if necessary.
  • Check for leaks:
    first, make sure your outgoing valve is OFF! Once you have opened your incoming valve, check for any leaks, and then proceed to open the outgoing valve.

Service Area

Tankless Water Heater USA is a proud provider of services to the following areas throughout the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas:

  • Van Nuys
  • Valley Village
  • Sherman Oaks
  • Studio City
  • Burbank
  • North Hollywood
  • …and more!

Want to speak with a trained professional or receive a free estimate on our services? Call the experts on Tankless Water Heater USA’s 24-hour telephone service line at 818-787-4777! We cannot wait to meet you and get to work.

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