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How Energy Efficient are Tankless Water Heaters?

We’ve mentioned before about the advantages of tankless water heaters when it comes to energy efficiency and the environment. But just how much more efficient are tankless water heaters?

A few years ago the Chicago Tribune published an article on tankless water heaters and found that efficiency was the best quality. (

One of the conveniences is that a tankless heater doesn’t operate or “chug away” in the middle of the night. A tankless unit is only in operation when you’re using the actual appliance or bath. It produces hot water only when needed, meaning you don’t have water sitting idle in a tank that’s using energy to heat it up, 24/7.

The article cites the U.S. Department of Energy as saying that a tankless water heater reduces energy use by 10 to 15 percent and uses less fuel to operate. THE DOE also said that the average annual cost of operating a tankless water heater is $272, compared to a storage water heater at $388.

Choosing Between Gas or Electric Tankless Water Heaters

You have two options as far as how you choose to power your tankless water heater, gas or electricity. Electric tankless heaters are 99 percent efficient, but they do not qualify for an Energy Star rating or rebates. Also, in some older homes, a new tankless water heater may require upgraded wiring. Gas-powered tankless heaters are about 60 percent efficient, but, most brands do qualify for a $300 federal rebate and some states offer rebates as well.

The bottom line is that if you’re wanting to save money on your utility bills and be more environmentally responsible, a residential or business tankless water heater installation or water heater replacement may be just what you need. We install and service several brands of heaters in the San Fernando Valley, so call or email us today for more information.

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