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Ditch Your Tank

Published April 2, 2015 in category: Uncategorized.

The topic of my blog today is water heaters. Pretty out of the ordinary, right?

I’ve been through hurricanes before. Tropical storms, flash floods—I figured I had seen it all. Never, however, did I consider that the water heater I’ve had in my home for the last 3 years would crack could flood my entire basement with more water than I’ve ever seen inside a home…and I grew up in Florida, of all places. The water ruined thousands of dollars of my belongings, including my computer, television, furniture, and a portion of my wardrobe.

As you could imagine, I was furious. Thank God I had insurance, but I began to do some investigative research anyway on how to prevent this situation from ever happening again. I came upon a technology I had not seen before called a tankless water heater, and ended up kicking myself for not having found out about this sooner. I picked up the phone and booked an appointment immediately… I couldn’t go without one anymore!

When you have a tankless water heater, the lifespan of your water heater system doesn’t just double—it quadruples. It is a fraction of a size of a regular water heater, and the materials used to design it are high quality, offering a significantly low probability of my home ever flooding due to my water heater ever again, and the installation was affordable and simple. I have the Rinnai and I love the fact that my water never gets cold, even in the winter! I’m paying less for my water and electric bills, I have more room to do laundry in my basement and I can sleep easy at night knowing I’m not going to wake up in a swamp.

Get a tankless water heater, people! Don’ make my mistake and do it before it’s too late!

Until next time,

Mark David
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